About Us

It sounds crazy and destructive to bring
brightly-coloured clothing dye into a room full of children
(and adults too!) — but it’s not. We promise.

From set up and guidance, to cleanup, all ages will create tie dye art and memories that will last for years and years.
Our dyes are safe, fade-proof, and our t-shirts are 100% cotton — so all you have to worry about is having fun!
Your group will learn the ins and outs of tie dye, get creative and have a cool, fade-proof keepsake from
your unique event.

Our colour experts will build community and bring people together through art, tie dye and fun!
By providing a creative learning experience and adventure for those of all ages,
participants will create lasting bonds and art pieces for years to come.

What we do:

• set up and prepare tie dye events for birthday parties, work or holiday functions
• make sure the work area is mess-resistant and clean up afterwards
• teach participants how to use bright clothing dye to create a uniquely-patterned piece of art
• create custom parties based on the needs of the group
• provide all the supplies, including a range of t-shirt sizes to ensure everyone has their own keepsake

My daughter loves her pumpkin shirt, that 'she made'. :)